Welcome Back

Welcome back to the semester and the new AY! I am sure, all of you already have very full schedules and I want to make sure that you can pencil in our upcoming UDMPU meetings and surveys.

We have a busy semester ahead of us with important issues to resolve and address. As you might expect, we will have two regularly scheduled General Membership Meetings (September and November). 

With contract negotiations starting November 15, we also need to make time for contract issues discussions and the election of our Professional Negotiating Committee (PNC). 

Finally, we have to discuss and ratify our amended Constitution & Bylaws.

Below, our Fall schedule. Please mark the days in your calendar and make time to participate in these important discussions and decisions. I will email with more specific information as we get closer to each event. For now, remember that all meetings will be virtual and that all meeting times will be 12:45-2pm.




  • 1st Contract Issues Survey: Wednesday, August 19-Monday, Aug 31 


  • General Membership Meeting, Tuesday, Sept. 15 
  • Special Membership Meeting, Tuesday, Sept. 22 
    • Amendments to Constitution & Bylaws 
    • Professional Negotiating Committee (PNC) 


  • 2nd Contract Issues Survey: Monday, Sept. 28-Monday, Oct. 12 


  • Contract Issues Forum: Thursday, Oct. 8 


  • General Membership Meeting: Thursday, Nov. 12 

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